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security awareness Training
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Our technology monitors user behavior to create a custom user journey designed for that specific user’s current needs

  • Behavior Modification

    neuroscience driven tools and techniques, lead employee interactions.

  • "Just in Time" instruction

    engagement happens at the points when the employee is most open to feedback

  • Personal Followups

    security specialists reach out to the problem users with tailored feedback and monitoring.

  • Monthly Risk Scoring

    Our technology assesses user risk monthly and provides management with a high/medium/low risk ranking for each user


Security Training that Works

Why use a cyber security product that you manage yourself, or that does not address your biggest problem – your problem users? PeopleSec is the perfect choice to protect your organization from real threats and from your most vulnerable areas.

PeopleSec delivers enhanced protection against even the most advanced social engineering attacks directed towards your employees and provides the most effective method of  improving even the weakest of end users.  These methods employ the most advanced people management practices, combined with elite hacking expertise – to create your best defense, the “human firewall.”

Enjoy all the Benefits of a Managed Service



    > The job is not complete with 95% conformance
    > Hackers look for the vulnerable not the compliant
    > Problem users are not grouped with everyone
    > 80% of resources are channeled towards the weak
    > Extra efforts are placed towards the bottom 1%


Regular Reporting

End user performance is improved when it is measured and communicated. PeopleSec uses a variety of tools to collect metric data that enables a more tailored approach to the individual. A client’s journey is guided with several milestone check-ins that provide a clear picture of the progress or the areas of concern. Reports are easy to understand and adapted to the appropriate management level.