Application security is often the last concern of a company when trying to bring new software to market. Developers take shortcuts to keep up with strict deadlines. These shortcuts often can turn into vulnerabilities that risk the data within the application, the system hosting the software, and your company’s reputation. Internally developed applications or commercial applications for sale or in use by your company should be tested regularly for a healthy Security Development Framework.

An Application Security Assessment leverages skills to hack the application and pinpoint hazards such as buffer-overflows and privilege escalation.

  • If your application has never been tested this assessment is an excellent starting point.
  • If your application is still in the beginning stages of development, PeopleSec can provide your developers with Training, a Security Architecture Review, or with Source Code Review.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

estimates it is over 30 times as expensive to fix a vulnerability post-production. The same NIST study also found a 100 fold increase in cost when defect discovery and repair is delayed.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications and websites are an excellent way to expand your availability to clients. They allow users on the go to access all forms of information from company email to purchasing products. However, they can introduce major security flaws into backend systems. Our team will assess the security of your mobile interface from the perspective of an attacker, giving you confidence your critical information is kept confidential.

Source Code Analysis 

Mobile Applications are becoming the standard for vast marketing and business advancement. We review the source code on both the mobile devices and the backend servers.  Mobile Source Code Analysis is a necessity for a secure mobile application.

Application Security Assessment

Web Application

Websites or web applications are common targets for attackers. Using small and simple vulnerabilities, an attacker can gain access to confidential information that can lead to financial loss or tarnished reputation. Sometimes, this even allows attackers to gain access to your company’s internal network, which is rarely secure. Since most issues are specific and targeted the customized web code, a firewall can’t defend against attacks. A web security assessment is required for your website to be protected. A web security assessment will help discover security risks in your website.

As modern technology evolves, PeopleSec uses testing strategies that are always evolving to better protect your website. Our team employs automated tools and manual techniques to help locate a variety of different security flaws. Stemming from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodology, the industry standard for all web security assessments, the team uses practices specific to your company’s application.

In addition to a great team based approach, our web security assessment focuses on full coverage.


PeopleSec’s web security assessment is performed by our experienced individuals with security testing backgrounds in areas such as;  Oil & Gas, Industrial Control, Healthcare, Gaming, DoD, Financial, Retail, Software, Telecom, and more.

During our web security assessments or any of our other security solutions, we make sure you stay up-to-date every step of the way.