Defects Analytics Portal


The DAP is an innovative cloud-based reporting solution for information security professionals. In a matter of minutes, ANALYSTS can easily create assessment reports, which would otherwise take hours to produce. Report data is instantly and securely stored and available for ENGINEERS to review open vulnerabilities and begin fixing the issues. MANAGERS can use the data to monitor and track security progress using powerful analytics, which are focused on continuous improvement, and EXECUTIVES can view scorecards and summaries in a clear, logical, and understandable format. The DAP solves all the problems, issues, and frustrations associated with traditional security reports.

Paper security reports don’t work. Security analytics are nearly impossible to capture, and security findings often are not reported until after testing. Paper reports are largely incomprehensible to anyone but analysts since they are written in tech-speak. It hardly makes sense to pour extensive time and resources into creating reports that cannot provide accurate, useful information. Security reports created with word processors and printed on paper are fated to languish as useless printouts tucked away in metal caves, otherwise known as filing cabinets, on the outskirts of your office.

Though information security is a technology-driven industry, reporting methods are primitive. Methods must be brought up to date to maintain relevancy in our high-tech age. Document-style reports produced by word processors are time-consuming to produce and difficult to interpret, distribute, and store. Their data cannot be tracked, analyzed, or compared. Our product, the DAP, is a cloud-based security reporting application that solves all these problems and more.

DAP Reporting Solution

Speed + Accuracy + Quality

When the time-consuming testing process results in a paper report that is nothing more than a laundry list of things to fix, there hasn’t been much of a return on investment. The DAP isn’t only a shortcut to great security results. It creates synergy among everybody involved in information security, making the data not just a static edifice but also a dynamic process that can be used to improve all levels of security throughout your organization. The DAP will make your security reports work for you, now and in the future, with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Report + Analyze + Improve

The DAP benefits both security analysts and the people who use their data. It gives analysts the ability to quickly and thoroughly document security vulnerabilities. Since the DAP optimizes the analyst’s data, it provides executives, project managers, developers, and clients with powerful tools with which to view, analyze, and communicate the information. Analysts spend far less time recording their findings with the DAP than with paper reports. As a cloud-based application, the DAP delivers results that can easily and intelligently be stored, tracked, and accessed by other team members.

Interact with your vulnerability data the way you want with DAP mods

The DAP gives users a clean online dashboard from which they can access viewing tools called MODS, customized tools that focus on a wide range of industry needs and provide flexible solutions to all kinds of users. MODS allow executives, developers, project managers, and clients to view instantly security data that applies specifically to them. For example, the head of your organization can view an overall summary using the DAP’s Quick Report MOD while a project manager who is interested in how many critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in the past six months might want to use the Improvement Tracking MOD. A developer might need to check how many open vulnerabilities exist by optimizing the Remediation Tracking MOD. An IT team might want to access the Security Road Map MOD to make sure that upcoming security assessments will not interfere with the daily routines of team members. The DAP is always releasing new MODS in order to give users additional valuable insights into the results of their security testing. MODS are the means by which the DAP presents security analysts’ data in an organized and consistent format that everybody can understand.

The DAP has a myriad of features; security reporting, analytics, tracking, and more. We want every instance of the DAP to be phenomenal. That is why our pricing is based on the number of security analysts using the DAP and not features or other user roles. Every DAP instance is a FULL install, every feature, every module, every filter, and UNLIMITED viewers, remediators, and multimedia contributers. We also provide excellent support for all of our clients at every subscription level and since the DAP is in the cloud it is always the latest upgraded version.