Professional Services

We believe in win-win relationships and it is at the heart of how we do business. In fact, we are so confident in the difference we make for our clients, that we even offer a money back gaurantee!

  • Executive Coaching

    When the experts need an expert, they turn to PeopleSec!

  • Virtual CISO

    Clients are having PeopleSec act as their CISO. We are willing to extend this offer to suitable organizations.

  • Vulnerability Assessments

    It is important that these assessments are setup and executed correctly. Have a professional do it…

  • GAP Assessment

    During this assessment, we cover everything;  Device Inventory, Software Inventory, Secure Config of both Hardware & Software, Secure Network Config, Boundary Defense, M.M.A. (Maintenance, Monitoring, and Analysis of audit logs), Application Security, and Admin Privileges.

  • Incident Response

    An Incident Response Team & Plan is an absolute neccessity, if you do not already have an IR plan…. Then you urgently need to figure this out with or without us.

  • Digital Forensics

    This ties in with Incident Response and is a capability you should have at your disposal.

  • Managed SOC

    Let our dedicated experts put your mind at ease. This is what we do and we have seen quite a bit.

  • PenTesting

    Do your PenTests get Domain Admin? We guarantee it.

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