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Scam claiming to be the IRS, Phone & Email

Scam phishing involving the impersonation of the Internal Revenue Service is on the rise.  The IRS has issued several reports in regards to these scams, warning citizens and providing tips on how to recognize these; 5 ways to recognize these scams, the IRS does not: Call demanding immediate payment, nor call about taxes owed without […]


Why Implement a Security Awareness Training Program?

Security systems are only as strong as their weakest link. When it comes to modern information security, that usually means humans. Even the best security system is defeated when a user gives away their password. The way to prevent this is by making sure everyone in the company has an adequate level of security awareness. What Can Security […]

phishing attack

American Express Users: Be on Alert

Major companies are under constant attack, hackers are not just hurting the corporations, but are are extracting and exploiting sensitive consumer information. Recently, American Express was the subject of such a phishing attack. Criminals obtained customer information and impersonated American Express in a sophisticated manner.  The Scam With this new scam, American Express users receive […]

Security Awareness Training

Why Security Awareness Training and Education is Important?

Keeping up with the changing modern security landscape, by providing Security Awareness Training and Education (SATE), is vital to business owners. Not only do professionals need to stay on top of potential security threats on the outside, but also within the company. When employees have access to all types of data, business owners need to make […]

teachable moment

Teachable Moment to Employees: Enterprise Cyber Leaders: IOS 9.3.5

If not for an ordinary, non-technical computer user, the urgent IOS 9.3.5 security patch of 25 August 2016 would not have happened.  Researchers assert that hackers have been exploiting this zero day vulnerability in the wild for over a year.  Yet, the vulnerability was not detected via technology.  A pro-democracy activist, Ahmed Mansoor, received a […]

What is Phishing?

What is Phishing and are Phishing Attacks Increasing?

With all the computer threats out there, and hacking at an all-time high, individuals and companies alike are taking extra precautions to protect their computers, networks and private information. Still the number of phishing attacks continues climbing, because users continue to fall for the same old tricks. The number of people that still today ask me […]