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SQL injection Hacks Work

How SQL Injection hacks work and how to stop them

SQL injection is a common hack used to run statements on your database server. If a hacker gains access to your SQL database, he can steal, delete or insert information. SQL injection hacks are tedious and complex to fix, so it’s best if a website owner takes precautions before becoming a victim. Before you can […]

How susceptible is my company to phishing?

Phishing – The “Unchartered” Territory   In today’s digital world, the risk presented by phishing is constantly increasing as the quantity and confidentiality of data stored electronically is rapidly increasing. Phishing is a growing threat and continues to be a pronounced problem for both companies and individuals. Despite being one of the oldest internet scams, […]

Social Media Hacking

Social Media Safety

    The Top 5 Social Media Threats ; Hidden URLs  – These are quite common, often times leading to a site that then asks for login information. Requests  – Someone may send you a warning or a request to take action or follow some link. Do not be fooled by these people, they will […]

3 Real Life Ethical Hacker Stories About #PasswordFails

  People are always asking me to tell “hacking” stories, since there are so many of them…I’m going to focus specifically on password related stories.   Here is a top 3 countdown to the craziest password story I have.    #3 – Bad passwords Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everyone has heard this a million times, […]


Wifi Hackers

There are numerous WiFi hacking tools available on the web today that are capable of helping anyone hack into wireless networks. Some of the most popular wireless hacking tools include Aircrack, CoWPAtty, AirSnort, and Kismet.   The most popular WiFi protocols are WEP, WPA, and WPA2 systems. WPA2 systems are typically the most secure system, […]


What is OWASP?

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an online, open source, and non-profit organization that specializes in creating tools, methodologies, articles, and documentation about web application security. All of this information is freely available and the information is renowned to be practical and unbiased in nature. It also assists firms in developing, maintaining, and […]

scam phone call numbers

Recent Scam Phone Call – Numbers

Below is a list of some the most recent numbers associated with a scam phone call. If you are wondering whether or not to trust a phone number then Do Not Trust It.   Here are a few of the most reported scammer phone numbers recently;  (844) 809 – 6672 (844) 887 – 8082 (888) 489 […]

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Nessus Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Nessus is one of the most popular vulnerability assessment tools. Capable of running more than 1,200 checks and scans it is great starting point for enumerating your security apparatus.   It is free to use for personal users in a non-enterprise setting, and has consistently been rated as one of the best vulnerability scanners in the world. […]

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking – Creating Safer Networks

It’s no surprise that cyber-attacks are continuing to rise, as countless new devices connect to corporate networks every day.  According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016, cyber-attacks are now costing the global economy over $445 billion.  While this conservative number does not directly translate into profits, it becomes pretty clear that these criminals […]

Google Doc Phish

Google Doc phish Example & ways to Identify

There is a google doc phish going on and it seems to be very wide-spread. This new threat is hitting most major organizations.  As often happens, the message makes its way through spam filters and the untrained users make the virus spread like wildfire. Once someone clicks the link, it hijacks their account and spams their […]

SQL Injection

SQL Injection – High Level – Threats & Remedies

SQL injection is a malicious code injection technique and is one of the most common hacking techniques on the web. Capable of attacking applications or websites that rely on an SQL-based database. It is also one of the oldest as well as one of the most dangerous types of threats. An attacker will add, alter, or eliminate […]

Cybersecurity insurance

Cybersecurity Insurance

Let me start off by saying, an insurance policy is a band-aid and not a solution. Cybersecurity insurance only mitigates damage arising from incidents such as data breaches, virus insertion, and reputation damage. Furthermore, it is nothing like traditional insurance due to the nature of the damage involved. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a […]