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Information Security Awareness Tips from a Newborn

While the linked post may be stretching a correlation, the points are accurate, entertaining, and what Information Security loving expert doesn’t want to buy that onesie.  The top tip, Putting in only 45 minutes a year is bad, PeopleSec is in full agreement.  A single 45-minute training a year is not a good practice. Information Security Experts need […]

Phishing with emotion and stress results in bad choices

Recently on one of my personal sites, I received the below phishing attempt: I see a ton of phishing examples as part of PeopleSec’s Security Awareness Training and Education (SATE) program.  It is not often a phish in the wild catches my eye and looks like anything other than spam.  This email is an excellent […]

Password security tips to keep you safe online

Do NOT use the same password for everything, this drastically reduces password security It’s a bad idea. If that password is disclosed, the “bad guy” would have the keys to all your information. Furthermore, if that password is used to access your email address, all other account passwords may be reset using the “Forgot My Password” Link. Not using the same password for everything is the […]

Social Engineering Attacks Driving Security Awareness

Social engineering and cybercrime are on the rise around the world. Business owners need to pay attention to current trends in the world of information security (infosec). In 2005, the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that 60 percent of American companies had detected at least one instance of cybercrime. Tech giant IBM believes that […]

7 Steps for Success with Security Awareness Training and Education (SATE)

The term “company culture” is a buzzword that has been floating around for the last few years. While that brings to mind images of ping pong competition and in-office happy hours, there’s another element of company culture on the rise: security. Even companies with the best product or service can fail with a weak security […]

Phishing Training: How Not to Be Hacker-Proof

.Ah, the Internet, such a wonderful trove of information and opportunity. Isn’t it the neighborly thing to do to share the resources you have with others? Some people are a little more ambitious than others when it comes to procuring that information. Who are you to stop them? After all, one person’s security awareness is […]

Why Implement a Security Awareness Training Program?

Security systems are only as strong as their weakest link. When it comes to modern information security, that usually means humans. Even the best security system is defeated when a user gives away their password. The way to prevent this is by making sure everyone in the company has an adequate level of security awareness. What Can Security […]

American Express Users: Be on Alert

Major companies are under constant attack, hackers are not just hurting the corporations, but are are extracting and exploiting sensitive consumer information. Recently, American Express was the subject of such a phishing attack. Criminals obtained customer information and impersonated American Express in a sophisticated manner.  The Scam With this new scam, American Express users receive […]

Why Security Awareness Training and Education is Important?

Keeping up with the changing modern security landscape, by providing Security Awareness Training and Education (SATE), is vital to business owners. Not only do professionals need to stay on top of potential security threats on the outside, but also within the company. When employees have access to all types of data, business owners need to make […]