Wifi Hackers

There are numerous WiFi hacking tools available on the web today that are capable of helping anyone hack into wireless networks. Some of the most popular wireless hacking tools include Aircrack, CoWPAtty, AirSnort, and Kismet.


The most popular WiFi protocols are WEP, WPA, and WPA2 systems. WPA2 systems are typically the most secure system, however most WiFi systems installed over five years ago are likely to run on WPA. WiFi hacking is far easier than it seems, and organizations are advised to either take massive steps to boost WiFi security or rely on more secure wired connections for security purposes.


You literally only need a basic laptop to hack a WiFi network


The most common types of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) networks are hacked within a matter of minutes with a simple laptop and free software that can be easily downloaded off the net. These old networks use a smaller key that reduces the strength of data encryption in comparison to a WPA2 network. For example, with Aircrack-ng or AirSnort, a hacker can rapidly recover the encryption keys of a WEP network in minutes.


WiFi protocols have become progressively secure


The WPA was developed to address the problems with WEP and it initially achieved this by relying on TKIP. It added a few security features such as key mixing function and a re-keying mechanism to increase the strength of WiFi networks. However, by 2009, this network was no longer secure, and WPA2 had make significant inroads in the market, having been released in 2004.


Security flaws in the WPA2 led to the development of WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) in 2006. WPS was created for home users to setup secure networks without being bogged down by technical details. Unfortunately, WPS added security flaws to wireless networks and made it easier for hackers to bypass and access WPA2 networks. WPS is susceptible to brute force attacks as well as the presence of pre-shared keys passes on the vulnerabilities. One of the only remedies is to turn off the WPS, which is not always feasible.


Features of Good WiFi Hacking Tools


Most good WiFi hacking tools actually share a great deal of similarities. Legit software is able to hack all protocols and is safe to buy from reputable vendors. If you seek to download WiFi hackers, be extremely careful about the type of hackers you are downloading. Avoid the dark web as malicious hackers may include unwanted viruses adversely affecting security.


With software such as AirSnort and WireShark, you can easily capture live packets and analyze network traffic at the micro-level. You may require some degree of technical knowledge to hack a normal home network. However, you will certainly need good technical knowledge to attack a secure, corporate network. Networks that run over Ethernet, may opt for software such as Fern to determine the viability and security.


This post is meant for educational purposes only, it is illegal to hack equipment you do not own without written authorization.

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