Phishing Training: How Not to Be Hacker-Proof

.Ah, the Internet, such a wonderful trove of information and opportunity. Isn’t it the neighborly thing to do to share the resources you have with others? Some people are a little more ambitious than others when it comes to procuring that information. Who are you to stop them? After all, one person’s security awareness is another person’s information hoarding. Make the Internet just a little more open for everyone especially for a hacker, starting with your email inbox.

Help a Hacker Socialize

It’s quite crass to outright ask for another user’s information. A hacker, is a shy soul, and will often send out emails creating a sob story or simply wanting to give you the good news that you’ve won a lot of money. All they need is your bank information, and who doesn’t feel better about helping deposed Nigerian royalty? So by all means, share the wealth as part of your phishing training.

Be Nice to Your Bank

Customer service is so hard these days, but you have to give your bank credit for raising security awareness. They even send emails letting you know your identity has been compromised. The bank just wants to save you the trouble of fixing it by changing your account login information for you. Sure, they say they’ll never contact you by email to ask for your user information, but we all know it’s a case of left hand vs. right hand. Why make some hapless customer service representative trawl through a spreadsheet when you could just hand over your information? Save everyone some time and effort.

Looking for Love

Who knew? A lovely member of the opposite sex in your immediate area wants to connect. Opportunity knocks but once. Remember your phishing training, seek out this stranger, and click that ad. You may end up being introduced to his or her friends in the process, but what’s the harm? What’s the right to privacy compared to the possibility of intimacy?

Keep the Internet Free

So, to recap what we’ve learned: people on the Internet are shy about asking for your personal information, so they come up with ingenious ways to pop the question. Make it easy for them and volunteer your finances and personal history. You might even make a new friend online.

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